Do I have to leave my home?

Not necessarily, however as the floor is unable to be walked on while work is in progress, access to alternative living areas and amenities may not be available.  If oil / solvent based products are being used, it is not recommended to stay on the property.


How long will it take?

Most jobs are completed within 2-5 days on average.  Longer for larger, multi area and commercial jobs.


Will there be any dust?

Although modern sanding machinery is fitted with dust collecting equipment, it is virtually impossible to totally eliminate dust from the job.  We will remove the bulk of the dust, however, some cleaning will be required.


Do I have to remove my furniture?

Unless specifically agreed to and quoted for, all furniture should be removed together with all floor coverings including staples, tacks, etc.  (If you are unable to remove the furniture yourself we recommend using a local furniture removalist who can move it to another part of your house, or store it offsite.)


Can I organise for other Trades to be working at the same time?

Please arrange for no other trades to be in the working area whilst floorsanding / coating is in process.


Does it smell?

While the water based products are virtually odour free,  oil / solvent based products are slower drying and will release odours for up to 14 days.  (These odours are toxic.)  It is not recommended to stay in the vicinity of these areas while they are drying / curing.


Are there any other common issues?

You may get markings on skirting boards from contact with the Edger.  That is why it is recommended to leave the painting of skirtings until after the floors are finished

If building or renovating, the start date for sanding and coating floors is critical, particularly in relation to other trades.

Carpets should be laid after the floors are finished to avoid the fluff contaminating the polyurethane.

Gas and electrical appliances are to be disconnected by qualified personnel and removed.  All pilot lights (including hot water system) are to be turned off.

Adequate lighting and power is to be available.

Arrangements need to be made for clear and safe access to the site.  Dogs should be tied up.  Cats should be kept well away


What not to expect?

Removal of deep cuts such as those from carpet trimming knives or deep gouges in the boards.

Removal of stains from within the boards and around nail holes such as animal urine and water marks.

Filling of gaps between the boards.  These gaps are not filled because subsequent shrinkage and expansion in the timber will cause cracking in the filler.

A perfect match from nail hole filler, as timber is a natural product and will vary from board to board.

Dust free environment, refer to question above.